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Organic supplements for glowing skin, gut health & optimal wellbeing.

No fillers, fluff or fake stuff. Just nature's most powerful elixirs popped into an easy-to-take capsule.

Give your body what it's missing

Powered by nature. Backed by science.

When it comes to making better supplements, we aim for the highest standards, period. 

We've meticulously selected only scientifically-documented and time-honoured organic ingredients to power our products. Ones that are kinder to your body, and the planet.

So you can look, think, feel and perform your best all day, every day. 

Tonik | Wellness for Every Body. Organic Supplements for total wellbeing and optimal health. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules, Organic Coconut Oil Capsules, Organic Turmeric Capsules, Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

It's What's Inside That Counts

Smart Design

Liquid-filled, high potency capsules designed to help transport water soluble nutrients through your body for guaranteed greatest uptake.

No Nausea

They’ll break down in your small intestine – not your stomach – for better absorption and zero nasty side effects.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Active ingredients are bioactive (meaning they’re easily absorbed in the gut) and bioavailable (better assimilated for maximum benefits). 

Fewer Supplements

Put down that handful of supplement jars. Tonik offers the cleanest and highest concentrations of nutrients in just two daily capsules*. 

Nerd out on the science

Customer Testimonials

I’ve been taking the Apple Cider Vinegar + Curcmin capsules for just over a year - and the results are amazing! I’ve seen great

- Amy

I started taking Turmeric caps and Apple cider vinegar caps 4 weeks ago and they are fantastic! I have had gut/stomach

- Sarah

I am taking the Hemp Seed Oil capsules and I feel it’s improving my skin,especially my psoriasis. 

- Amanda

I feel amazing and my skin is glowing! I was pretty skeptical that a capsule could provide the same or similar benefits as actually 

 - Rosemary

The results I am seeing are more cumulative than immediate. I just ordered for the second time and can easily see hemp seed oil are markedly improved since I started taking hemp seed oil. Great product.

 - Rachel

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