Chill Out | Stress & Anxiety Relief Transdermal Patch

Gluten FreeFast AbsorptionNo Fillers, Colourants or Bulking AgentsNatural Ingredients

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or burnt out? Chill out patches, made with natural ingredients including valerian, passion flower, ashwagandha & rhodiola rosea, promote relaxation and decompress. Take a moment for yourself and find your inner calm.

Transdermal patches deliver natural ingredients to your body without unnecessary ingredients. Experience continuous absorption and an effortless application. By bypassing the liver, these patches offer a hassle free effective dosage option.

Carefully peel one patch from the sheet. Place on a relatively hair-free
part of the body 30 minutes before you need to chill out. Remove
when when no longer needed. Each patch can be worn up to 8 hours.
If using on consecutive days place a new patch in a slightly different position to allow the skin to breathe. Use warm, soapy water to wash off any residue on the skin.

Valerian Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Ashwaganda Extract,
Vitamin B6, Rhodiola Rosea. Infused with Vanilla Essential Oil.


Always read the label and health warnings. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

Do not use if cap seal is broken.

Store below 25°C in a cool, dry place.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a thyroid condition, please consult a health professional before use.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Benefits*

When worn consistently you may experience the following

Promotes Relaxation

Anxiety & Stress Relief

Promotes Decompress

Stabilises Mood

Same Bio-availability, No Side Effects. Activates in Minutes.

Our bodies can easily absorb vitamins and minerals through the skin when they have a molecular weight of 500 Daltons or less. This allows for a smaller dose, while maintaining the same bioavailability as capsules or gummies.

Natural Ingredients

Water Resistant & Sweat Proof

Drip Infused

Latex Free

Pharmacist Formulated

Vitamins In a Patch

A simpler way to get all the benefits

Simple Application

Apply patch directly on clean, dry unbroken skin.

8-24 Hours of Benefits

Continuous absorption for up to 24hrs.

Convenient & Discreet

Apply patch anywhere on the skin.

The Formulation

Our Patch is created by blending clinically tested ingredients into an adhesive layer, and then coating it onto discreet and powerful patches.

Bottom Layer | INGREDIENT MATRIX: Contains vitamins and botanicals

Middle Layer | 12HR EXTENDED RELEASE: Ensures a gradual absorption from the patch liner

Top Layer | RELEASE LAYER: Protects the patch and prevents evaporation

For All Skin Types & Ages

Non-irritating and sensitive skin friendly.

Not sure if you can consume this product with your current medications?