Found In: Beeswax

Source: Apis mellifera (bee)

Supplier / Farming Location: Australia

Final Location of Manufacturing: Sydney, Australia

Function: Stabiliser

Why we use it in our soft gel capsule manufacturing: Beeswax is commonly used in soft gel capsule manufacturing due to its unique combination of physical and chemical properties. Its natural composition, primarily consisting of esters, fatty acids, and hydrocarbons, provides a stable and flexible matrix for encapsulating pharmaceutical or nutritional ingredients. Beeswax imparts a desirable level of rigidity to the soft gel capsules, helping them maintain their shape and integrity. Additionally, its low melting point ensures that the capsules remain pliable and easy to swallow at body temperature. The use of beeswax in soft gel capsules aligns with the pharmaceutical industry's preference for natural, biocompatible materials, and it contributes to the overall stability and performance of the capsules, facilitating the effective delivery of the enclosed substances.

The Benefits*

An insiders perspective

Easy Digestibility

assists nutritional supplements with quick and efficient absorption.


can enhance the bioavailability of the active ingredients in the soft gel capsules, ensuring that they are easily absorbed in the digestive tract.


assists to create soft gel capsules of various sizes and shapes. This flexibility is beneficial for accommodating different formulations and dosages.


Soft gel capsules provide a stable and protective environment for the encapsulated ingredients, helping to prevent oxidation, degradation, or other forms of instability. This is crucial for maintaining the efficacy of nutritional supplements.

Quick Dissolution

Soft Gelatin capsules dissolve rapidly in the stomach, promoting the quick release of the active ingredients. This can be advantageous for supplements that require fast absorption or onset of action.

Sealing Properties

Soft Gelatin capsules have excellent sealing properties, which helps in preventing leakage and maintaining the integrity of the capsule contents. This is crucial for ensuring accurate dosing and preventing contamination.