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Why Do We Need To Take Supplements?
Sep 25, 2019
The name might give you a clue. Supplements are a way of supplementing your diet with the nutrients that are missing from it. We know that consistently taking vitamins / supplements can be a chore. But actually remembering to take our vitamins every day is important.

Are the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar real?
Aug 21, 2019
What is this magical elixir called Apple Cider Vinegar and why are we only hearing about these supposed health benefits now? Apple Cider Vinegar, as an ingredient, has been around for a loooong time but only recently did the internet and the Western world jump on board with this kitchen staple.

Sleep On It - Sleep Awareness Week 2019
Aug 09, 2019
“Sleep? Who needs it!”  Uh, we do… actually. Are you one of those people who’d...

Life as a diabetic #NationalDiabetesWeek
Jul 19, 2019
We all know about diabetes, but do we really know what it involves? As a...

A lil' bit 'bout Pip.
Jul 04, 2019
Growing up, I was no stranger to the health and wellness world - my dad was a pharmacist (yep, that’s Glenn!) and I was a competitive rower. I was surrounded by all things health and for the most part, I had no issue with it. At the age of fifteen, I was at peak performance, especially for my height and weight. But that changed the day I auditioned for crew selection. My coach said I was “too heavy” to be chosen and I wouldn’t make it on the team. 

We’re breaking up with the diet industry…
Jun 17, 2019
There’s been a lot of talk lately discussing the relationship between the diet and wellness industries, and whether the two overlap. The team at Tonik HQ have had a long, hard think about our brand and where we sit in the grand scheme of things and we’ve come to a few conclusions.