How are Supplements absorbed in the Body?

How are Supplements absorbed in the Body?

Our natural soft gel capsules use delayed release technology to bypass the stomach and be absorbed in your small intestine for a better nutrient absorption.

The small intestine is where absorption happens (along with most other types of absorption). Vitamins have "active transports" for absorption, molecules that pick them up in the small intestine, in a section called the jejunum, which is located about midway through.

These transports carry the vitamin molecules through the intestine's cell walls and deposit them in the body, where they can enter the bloodstream. Because they dissolve in water, they don't require stomach acids to enable absorption; this also means they leave the body every day in your urine, so you need to consume these vitamins every day in order to maintain a full supply. 

The other type of vitamin, the fat-soluble ones, need to dissolve in fat before they can make it into the body. The process requires fat-digesting bile acids that come from the liver and live in the small intestine. When the bile acids break down the fat the vitamins are dissolved in, the vitamins move with the fat through the intestinal wall, into the body, and finally end up in the liver and in body fat, where they're stored until they're needed.

The human body is capable of producing all the fatty acids it needs, except for two: linoleic acid (LA), omega-6 fatty acid, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid. These have to be consumed from the diet and are therefore termed “essential fatty acids”.

We are designed for convenience without harming any of the natural benefits of the raw ingredients, which contain vitamins & minerals and fatty acids. We're proud to be totally transparent in what we do + caffufle free! Have you joined the #toniktribe yet?

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