Coconut Oil Capsules

Coconut Oil Capsules aka. Fairy Floss for your Insides

You never hear coconuts complaining: round, green or a little cracked, they always come across confident and healthy. We think you could learn a thing or two from coconuts. 

Coconut oil is a skins best friend. However, did you know that consuming coconut oil has more benefits for your skin than rubbing it all over you!? I mean, who likes an oily face anyway? 

When we were 5 the tooth fairy gave us money for our teeth. Now we give people money to help us keep our teeth. Tonik gives you teethier smiles for those catwalk moments (down your hallway obvs). Do you actually know what kind of chemicals are in the toothpaste you’re using? Why not mix coconut oil and some baking soda into a paste to create your organic toothpaste, while poppin’ your caps daily? That would be a very smooth move, wouldn’t it? 

Humidity taking your hair from FLASH to BLAH? Who doesn't adore these smooth & salty beach hair feels? We definitely do! But luckily we have them the whole year around. Why? Because we keep poppin’ these coconut oil caps. Coconut oil is known to strengthen & maintain a healthy head of hair and helps to coat your hair from moisture and smoothens your hair - of course! Inside- and out! 



Whether it’s your wooden salad spoons or your best wooden rocking chair, apply coconut oil and let it soak. This will help prevent rot, wear and tear. Straight from that wooden spoon into your mouth! Good Girl (or Boy) - “Hi Boys!” 

Let's be honest, there's good itches and bad itches... we love the good ones. Did you know, consuming coconut oil can assist with improving skin issues? It's a true story, opt for Tonik no. 1 it's an easier way to get your daily dose of the nutty goodness. 

Just imagine you and that guy on that mountain bike or 4x4 trip over the weekend. Just imagine, ya? And than that bike chain comes off or the flash 4x4 door hingers cause trouble? TATA - you bring out that coconut oil and become the DIY goddess for him in no time. Coconut oil is a very good lubricant. Just sayin’! And they lived happily ever after!

The MCTs (Medium-chain triglycerides - funny word, we know) in coconut oil are broken down by the liver and turned into ketones, which can act as an alternative energy source for the brain. Ok, so what does that mean? Well, several studies have found that these funny pronounced MCTs to have impressive benefits for brain disorders, including epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. What was that again? Better get these caps poppin’ - otherwise we will forget… 

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