In plants we trust. But also, in science too. Here's how our powerful formulations work.

There's a science to the science.

Clean capsules that actually match the promises


We’ve cracked the ultimate recipe for natural, super high quality supplements that promise enhanced bioavailability and better absorption.
Smart Design

Liquid-filled, high potency capsules swimming with water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients in their most bioactive and bioavailable form. 

Maximum Absorption

They’ll break down in your small intestine – not your stomach  – meaning max absorption and zero nausea.

Better Bioavailability

We use cold-compression technology to preserve the active properties and bioavailability of each ingredient.

Fewer Supplements

Put down that handful of supplement jars. Tonik offers  high-powered nutrients in just two daily capsules*.

Smart Design
Maximum Absorption
Better Bioavailability
Fewer Supplements

The Tonik Difference

An insiders perspective

Pharmacist Formulated

Liquid Filled Capsules

Organic Ingredients + Gluten & Major Allergen Free

No Fillers, Artificial Ingredients, Colours or Bulking Agents

Australian Owned & Manufactured

Liquid-filled capsules for faster absorption

Our liquid-filled, soft gel capsules are easier to swallow, and our formulas are designed to help solve every health and beauty concern you can think of — without having to take a dozen pills every day.

Inner Cap

We wrap our nutrients in sunflower oil to make sure every vitamin is water soluble and better absorbed in the cells and bloodstream. Our natural ingredients are kept in their pure liquid state, so none of their active enzymes are destroyed.

Outer Cap

Once it gets into the body, our soft gel encasing breaks down and allows the active ingredient to get absorbed in the small intestine which then gets distributed into the bloodstream for faster results. No taste, no nausea and no icky side effects! Say whaaaaat?! Yup, they just slide right on down and work their magic.

Okay, but how do they get absorbed in the body?

The importance of water solubility

The challenge with other supplements is absorption. Many vitamins and minerals are poorly soluble in their natural state, so you need to take extremely high amounts in order for it to get it into the bloodstream. Nuh-uh, not us! We've cracked the code! Using the latest world-leading scientific technology, we've managed to produce highly concentrated, water-soluble supplements for maximum absorption; without the use of icky preservatives, toxic chemicals or nasties in the extraction process. 

What we said YES too:

( what's in)

The actual good stuff

We only use the best from nature, backed by the best of science.

Soft gel cellulose shell

Our capsule shells are made from gel cellulose, which helps the capsule bypass your stomach acid, reach the small intestine, for a gentle and better absorption. 

All in one

We include only singular nutrients in the dosage shown by science to make a difference to your brain, beauty and body. If it’s in Tonik, you don’t need to get it from anywhere else. 

Nutrients you can absorb

Our active ingredients are bioactive (meaning they’re easily absorbed in the gut) and bioavailable (better assimilated for maximum benefits).

What we said no to:

(what's not in)

Artificial emulsifiers

Many capsules and soft gels contain synthetic compounds like polysorbate 80 emulsifiers, which are used to make products look fancier. But, actually? They’ve been linked to super nasty side effects. 

Artificial colourings

Those other guys use artificial colouring to tell the difference between each capsule. Us? We don't add any dyes or colourants into our capsules, so you'll see each ingredient’s natural colour shine through.

Fillers and heavy metals

Didya’ know that many supplements contain harmful caking agents like talcum powder? They also can contain heavy metals, chemicals, and other nasty and harmful contaminants not listed on the label. Gross. 

Miscellaneous herbs

Most herb-based supplements have something called ‘pharmacologically active ingredients’. Many of these don’t work well together, so mixing multiple herbs in a capsule could (quite literally) be a recipe for disaster. We avoid this at all costs.

How do we evaluate our products?

We work as a team, that’s how. All of our products are pharmacist-formulated and backed by clinical research, traditional evidence, world-leading green technology and scientific validation.

Our experts collaborate on every single aspect of every single supplement, from the ingredient, to its origins, to the quantities, to the way it’s absorbed into the body. Seriously.

 Testing, testing & more testing 

When it comes to our products, purity and potency are the name of the game. Naturally, we work hard to keep nasties like heavy metals and chemicals out of our products, through constant evaluation and testing.

We engage third-party testing to make sure Tonik is indeed, the most pure and the most potent. All of our products are independently tested three times during the supply chain: firstly when we receive the ingredients, again during manufacturing and finally on the finished product. This approach ensures we meet exacting specifications, and that our products are the best (and safest) on the market. And no – we would never, ever test on animals.