Hemp Seed Oil

Found In: Hemp Seeds

Source: Hemp seed

Supplier / Farming Location: Northern NSW, Australia

Final Location of Manufacturing: Sydney, Australia

Function: Dietary Ingredient

Why We Love It: Hemp Seed Oil is a planet-friendly alternative to fish oil. Not only coz’ of the optimum Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratios, but also because it’s more environmentally and ecologically friendly. Aside from being a sustainable superhero, Hemp Seed Oil is one of the most nutritional oils out there. Seriously — it stocks the body with complete protein, nutrition and all the essential amino acids needed for optimal health and wellness. Tonik No. 4, is easily digestible and contains less than 10% saturated fats and 70-80% polyunsaturated fats. With oceans more benefits than fish oil, you need to hook into this bad boy, stat!Add a highlight from your story page

a breakdown:

The Background 

Hemp is one of the oldest — and most impressive — plants. For thousands of years, civilisations all over the world, including Egyptians, Druids, Mayans, Indians and Chines, relied on hemp for food, medicine, textiles and even paper. Like we said, a most impressive plant. Let’s set the record straight: hemp oil is not the same as cannabanoid (CBD) oil. While CBD oil is made using the stalks, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant (which contain a higher concentration of CBD), Hemp Seed Oil comes from the small seeds. These magical seeds don’t have the same levels of compounds as the plant itself, but they do have a super rich profile of nutrients, fatty acids and useful bioactive compounds. 

The Active Ingredients 

Tonik No. 4 is the world’s first and only vegan-friendly, soft gel Organic Hemp Seed Oil capsule.- It contains one of nature's richest sources of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in a naturally occurring 3:1 ratio. These are ‘essential’ because your body is not able to make them on its own. 

The Process  

This pure golden liquid is sourced from organically grown Hemp Seeds. Delicately cold pressed and cold filtered without the use of chemicals or preservatives. 

The Benefits*

An insiders perspective

Support mental health, hormonal imbalances & menopausal health

thanks to the sunshine vitamin D3.

Assist with regenerating,nourishing & energising the skin’s protective layer

using important minerals including calcium, zinc magnesium & iron.

Prevent inflammation and reduce joint pain symptoms of arthritis

using the power of GLA(Gama Linolenic Acid).

Prevent demyelination of thenervous system

thanks to cholesterol-fighting phytosterols, which helps accelerate metabolic processes.

Improve immunity and regulate intestinal flora

thanks to gut-cleansing fibre that helps feed the good probiotics in your stomach.

Assist with joint & muscle health, & relieving chronic inflammation

thanks to phenolic compounds which help eliminate free radicals in the body.