Why Do We Need To Take Supplements?

Why Do We Need To Take Supplements?

The name might give you a clue. Supplements are a way of supplementing your diet with the nutrients that are missing from it. We know that consistently taking vitamins / supplements can be a chore. But actually remembering to take our vitamins every day is important.

Supplements can do amazing things for our health and wellbeing if we remember to take them every day. If we don’t take them consistently, then we might not see the benefits they can have. Here’s why:

In today’s super charged, modern lifestyles it can be difficult to get enough of the right nutrients from our food alone. But our body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to function. We all have a recommended daily amount (RDA) of each of the essential vitamins / nutrients.Our bodies need a range of nutrients in order to survive. They are central to all bodily process including energy metabolism, cell regeneration. Deficiencies in nutrients can, therefore, affect the ways in which our body functions, or rather doesn’t function. So supplementing our diet with nutrients that are missing or in short supply is important.

They should never be used to replace a healthy diet, but taking them can supplement the food that you eat. They can help to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function. But you need to take them every day. Your body needs these vitamins every day, so it’s important that we take them consistently.

How To Remember To Take Your Supplements:

Just when you thought your to do list was already long, remembering to take your supplements can be a challenge. Fear not, here’s 3 things we do at HQ to remind us every day:

1. Show Them Off

Tonik's packaging was designed to be displayed. Keep them at the front of your mind by keeping them on show. We find having them on in our handbags and on our desks reminds us each day.

2. Create a Ritual / Be Consistent

Aim to take your supplements at the same time everyday so that it becomes routine

3. Divide & Conquer

Keeping your Tonik in one place isn’t a thing. How’s this for an idea; Divide your Tonik up into different places, maybe some at home & some at the office. We keep a stash in our gym bags or handbags too just incase.

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