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Your daily shot of wellness for brain, body and beauty

We’ve conveniently bottled up nature's purest and most potent sources of nutrition, to give your body exactly what it needs — nothing more, nothing less.

Other supplements were getting it wrong, so we made it right

Those million and one health products out there? When you really dig into the research, not many stand up. So we created ones that would. Unfussy, hardworking and completely clean supplements to elevate your well-being and unlock the super you, every day.

Lots of nutritional products are full of !%!

Go to your vitamin shelf, and you'll likely find bottle after bottle of supplements that come with a cluttered list of cheap and nasty ingredients no one can pronounce. Often, they look more like candy, or they come in a vessel overpopulated with false claims and misinformation. 

Ours? Better for you. Naturally.

We don’t add toxic preservatives, flavourings, additives, artificial colours, bulking agents, synthetic fillers, gluten and sweeteners to our formulas. No gimmicks, no sketchy additives, no fluff—just high-impact, nutritionally complete ingredients so you can have total peace of mind about what’s going in your body. 

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Brought to you with integrity, transparency, and the simple truth

Our evidence-based formula is tailored to what most people don’t get enough of from their diets

We’ll choose nature over nasties any day

We’ve scoured land from east to west, sustainably sourcing the cleanest, highest quality, most bioavailable Ayurvedic ingredients from where they first originated in nature thousands of years ago. Their job? To lift your mood, nourish your skin, boost your brain and fill gaps in your diet.

Feel like you're performing at a 5 or 6 when you could be at a 10?

Getting to a 10 doesn't start with fancy boosters and hundreds of products. It starts with better nutrition for your brain, beauty and body. That’s where supplements come in – just two capsules is all you need to help fill pesky nutritional gaps, support a busy life and solve insufficiencies or deficiencies caused by a health concern.

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The Tonik Difference

We're on a mission to help you move, think, look and feel your best all day, every day.

Backed by Science

We use world-leading science to produce high strength supplements in dosages and forms your body can actually absorb. Our active ingredients are bioactive (meaning they’re easily absorbed in the gut) and bioavailable (better assimilated for maximum benefits). 

Premium Quality

We’re committed to creating the purest, most effective nutritional supplements with only the best organic ingredients from nature to support the well-being of your whole being.

No Bad Stuff

We left out the crappy stuff, so you can get more of the good stuff. Our ingredients are Non-GMO, organic, natural, gluten free & plant-based. Free from the icky stuff and loaded with the good stuff. 

What you see is what you get. Really.

We know you’re bored of translating labels, so we promise that what’s printed on our products is exactly what’s in our products. We also share sources, studies, and suppliers — because why wouldn’t we?

Down To Earth

We always take our planet into account with the intention to do better. Our organic ingredients are farmed without pesticides or fertilisers. We manufacture our products in an immaculate sustainable certified facility that ticks all of the eco boxes and we use carbon neutral shipping methods and infinitely recyclable packaging materials. 

All In One

You might be wondering, why only one key ingredient in each capsule? With a single-ingredient supplement, each ingredient is included at the dose required to make real, effective change as demonstrated through human clinical trials.

Tailored To You

Whatever’s going on – breakouts, leaky gut, brain fog, poor sleep – Tonik offers personalised solutions to your health and beauty problems, so you can become the healthiest, happiest, glowiest version of you.

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There’s A Science To The Science

We’ve cracked the ultimate recipe for natural, super high quality supplements that promise enhanced bioavailability and better absorption.

→We use world-leading technology to cleanly extract the active compounds found in our supplements without the use of harmful chemicals.

→The nutrients are delivered in our clever time-delayed capsules, making them easier for your body to absorb, synthesise, and be put to work.

→You get all the great benefits from nature in a matter of minutes (no gag reflexes, or turmeric lattes required). 

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Meet Our Founders

We’re a family-owned, Australian wellness company dedicated to helping you achieve outrageously glowy health. We combine scientific credibility, innovative green manufacturing and 100% plant-based ingredients to deliver the most effective clean supplements like never before.

Pip Summerville | Founder

Born and raised in New Zealand, I led a double life as an aspiring competitive rower, and a student at my dad’s pharmacy. But over time, I struggled to balance the two: being an athlete and a health advocate took its toll, and eventually I developed not-so-healthy habits. 

I knew there was a gap in my knowledge, but it was only when I started experimenting with natural supplements that things clicked. But there was a problem: it seemed there was a lot of misinformation around the health and alternative medicine products I was exploring. Every bottle on the shelf fell short; they had too many ingredients I didn't need, or not enough of the nutrients I did. 

Then my Dad, Glenn, introduced me to Apple Cider Vinegar. My mind, my body, my whole world changed — I was hooked. From then on, I was never without a bottle of ACV by my side! 

For a short while, it was bliss. Until one day, I flew open my suitcase to reveal a huge ACV leakage. Gross. I’d also noticed my tooth enamel had started to erode, and so — despite feeling the best I ever had — I began to doubt my beloved ACV. 

I knew there had to be a better way, so I rang my dad. “Where can I get this stuff in capsules?” His answer? Nowhere. So I decided to do something about it.

Not long after, we started working together to create the world’s first organic, natural Apple Cider Vinegar capsule with 'the mother', which was soon followed by our other remedies: Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Turmeric. Together, a line-up of pure health and wellness — and a habit I’m more than happy to have.

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Glenn Summerville | Pharmacist & Co Founder

Pip might be the protagonist, but every lead character needs a sidekick. That’s where I come in — I’m Glenn, Pip’s dad. I’ve been a pharmacist for 40 years across New Zealand, Fiji, UK and Australia, and for 35 of those years I’ve owned and operated Community Pharmacies. I guess you could say I know a thing or two about health and medicine. 

But just as I was about to retire with a Gin and Tonic in hand, Pip came to me with a challenge: swap the tonic for Tonik, and collaborate on a series of health and wellness supplements that seemed to be missing from the market. Luckily, for me, alternative therapies and traditional pharmaceuticals had always gone hand-in-hand — I’d also studied Classical Homeopathy and Clinical Nutrition. 

My philosophy? Medications are often necessary to treat a health condition, but more often, a natural approach can lessen side effects, reduce the need for prescription medication and sometimes, prevent these issues altogether. 

So, Pip and I got to work, formulating, testing and sharing the supplements — we were astounded at the amazing results. These days, I can be found at Tonik HQ, developing new products and working closely with our ingredients. 

And yes, I’m still waiting for my G&T.

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