We’re breaking up with the diet industry…

We’re breaking up with the diet industry…

It’s official. Tonik is breaking up with the diet industry.

There’s been a lot of talk lately discussing the relationship between the diet and wellness industries, and whether the two overlap. The team at Tonik HQ have had a long, hard think about our brand and where we sit in the grand scheme of things and we’ve come to a few conclusions.

We’ve decided we don’t want to be just another wellness company. We know there are flaws in the health and wellness industry that brands are failing to address, so we’ve assigned ourselves the task of breaking down barriers that previous companies couldn’t. So, what does this mean?

It means Tonik is taking a no-fluff approach to feeling good. We’ll be doing our best to move away from the world of ‘health hacks and quick fixes’ and moving towards just feeling great, regardless of who we are and what we look like. 

Here’s what we plan to do:

  • Be transparent with our products and our processes
  • Engage ‘real people’ to try our products
  • Give back, wherever we can. There are specific people out there who are responsible for our success and we want to treat you!
  • Empower you to FEEL freakin’ awesome

 Here’s what we won’t do:

  • We won’t promise any quick fixes
  • We won’t promote unrealistic expectations
  • We won’t pay for product reviews, this means 100% real, honest reviews
  • We won’t tell you what you can or can’t do (but we will encourage solo dance parties in your underwear)

 The world is changing and it’s important to us that we change with it! So, keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming up, we promise it’ll be good!

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