We are NOT allowed to share the benefits of our natural elixirs with you!

We are NOT allowed to share the benefits of our natural elixirs with you!

Interesting fact No. 345: As a natural supplements brand we are not allowed to make any direct claims in reference to the raw ingredients in our Tonik's, yup that includes any direct benefits.

turmeric and curcumin capsules

Why you ask?
Fabulous question! The powers that be (way above our tightened lids) are lots of guys in suits running the pharmaceutical industry, they don’t like natural health at all. They are trying to regulate the accessibility of natural health supplements because it will cause serious disruption in the sales of prescribed drugs & medicines, perhaps in some cases eliminating the need for prescription medicines (at times & in certain cases) 

coconut Oil capsules
Cue you guys, our awesome #toniktriber’s!!
We love hearing your feedback, be it good or bad as it only helps us do better. We can share your feedback with the rest of the tribe no problems, which may help those looking for a natural alternative and provide real people experiences to assist their decision to try natural supplements. 

Our mission is simple... 
We want to bring the benefits of natural health to the big wide world in the most convenient form. We’re on a mission to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry one cap at a time and with your feedback were one pop closer to unleashing what nature provides.  

If you are trying to find the benefits of Tonik's pure & natural elixirs, simply check out Google's 14,100,000 search results for: 

#1 Coconut Oil 
#2 Apple Cider Vinegar 
#3 Turmeric 
#4 Hemp Seed Oil 

A squeeze via our Facebook Reviews and Product Reviews under each Tonik will also help to point people who would like to try a natural health supplement in the right direction. 

Got some feedback and want to join the #toniktribe? Send us an email to tribe@thetonik.com.au to be featured!  


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