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Hold up, how does our awesome affiliate program work?

We use software from "Refersion" to manage our affiliate program. It uses "cookies" to track clicks to our website, which it later matches up with sales. Once a match is made, this is considered a "conversion".

How much will I earn from each sale?

You will earn a 10% from every sale that comes from your affiliate link minus any discounts taxes and shipping. 

Why would people buy through me?

We also offer you the chance to give your followers a 10% discount code! To do this you must first register and then email us on hello@thetonik.com so we can create your unique code.

Where does my referral link go? Where do they order?

Your referral link is like a 301-redirect to the home page of this website. The link's sole purpose is to temporarily hit Refersion's website where a cookie is placed on the user's computer before being redirected to our site. Once on our site, any non-subscription purchase made within 30 days will be attributed to your account. This only occurs if the user has cookies enabled in their browser as that is the only way to attribute a sale.

How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

High five we are stoked to have you, you can sign up below & follow the prompts to get registered!

How do i login in to my affiliate account?

You can login here

Do you have any widgets or pictures I can use on my website or blog?

Once logged into Refersion, click on the "Creatives" tab to get embeddable images and links.

What happens if someone uses a discount code when they buy?

You receive 10% of the discounted price.

Do i get paid on the shipping & taxes too?

No, only on the base-cost of the item minus any discounts.

How long does a cookie last?

30 days.

Why isn't my affiliate code working?

First, login to your account and make sure you are using the correct affiliate link. Second, wait at least a day to check your reports. The system is not instantaneous and may take a day to update. Third, because Refersion uses cookies, if a person has cookies turned off in their browser, the link can't be tracked. Additionally, Refersion only works with products sold on our site. We currently cannot track subscription sales.

Show me the money! How and when do I get paid?

Payments are processed on the 1st of the month. On this day you get paid via Paypal for purchases made 31 days ago using your affiliate code.


You MUST register your paypal account email in your affiliate account for us to process your affiliate payment.