What makes Apple Cider Vinegar actually work?

What makes Apple Cider Vinegar actually work?

Why is Apple Cider Vinegar such an Effective Supplement?

ACV is the ultimate go-to wellness all-rounder; from detoxifying benefits to gut-health, less bloating, healthier skin & more!

Let’s start with all the goodies inside this little wonder (aka Tonik No.2) and their main effects:

NIACIN – aka Vitamin B-3

  • Helps convert those much-needed nutrients into energy
  • Balances cholesterol and fats
  • Has antioxidant effects

 PANTOTHENIC ACID – aka Vitamin B-5

  • It’s basically “body fuel”
  • Important for lots of functions, especially breaking down fats
  • Helps improve your skin barrier, reduce stress & breakouts for that glow!

BIOTIN – aka Vitamin B-7

  • Helps metabolise carbohydrates, amino acids and breaks down fats
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Facilitates carrying nutrients throughout your bod

VITAMIN C – aka ascorbic acid

  • Required for tissue repair
  • The formation of collagen (your own anti-aging protein)
  • Immunity defence & a few other wellness benefits too!


  • Have protective, antibacterial/antimicrobial effects in the body
  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Balance acid levels, blood sugar control, weight loss support and more!

 PLUS, we’ve added in:

Healthy Vitamins B1, B2 & B6 + potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium & magnesium minerals.

In a nutshell, all these purposeful inclusions are what help ACV keep your skin, nervous system and digestive systems on point.


Apple Cider Vinegar works as a health and mood boosting supplement, not just because of what’s in it, but also because of how it’s made:

  • We use pure fermented juice from organic crushed apples
  • They are carefully processed to preserve the benefits of the all-important ‘mother of the vinegar’
  • Our smart designed, soft-gel liquid capsules = maximum, faster absorption

So, if you’re after a natural source of body-loving proteins, digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria, Tonik No.2 is where it’s at.


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