We Believe Wellness is for Every Body.

  • Personalised Benefits

    Whatever’s going on – breakouts, leaky gut, brain fog, poor sleep – Tonik offers personalised solutions to your health and beauty problems, so you can become the healthiest, happiest, glowiest version of you.

  • No Bad Stuff

    We left out the crappy stuff, so you can get more of the good stuff. Our ingredients are Non-GMO, organic, natural & gluten free. Free from the icky stuff with no fillers, bulking agents or colours.

  • Australian Made

    All of our products are manufactured and packed here in Australia, and comply with the strict Therapeutic Good Administration and GMP standards for maximum safety.

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No fillers, fluff or fake stuff. Brought to you with integrity, transparency, and the simple truth. 

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No Harmful Fillers or Colorants


Gluten Free

No Artificial Preservatives

Organic Ingredients

Major allergen free

We believe wellness is for every body.

Every day we’re learning from our community, and working with our pharmacists to develop products to help you achieve outrageously glowy health.

  • Love my ACV caps!

    "I never thought that ACV was available in capsules until I discovered Tonik. I’ve been taking Tonik no. 2 for more than 2 weeks now and I noticed that my skin looks better & brighter. It also made me more confident in my own skin without makeup. It has helped in reducing my unhealthy food cravings too". - Melissa

  • Changed my Life.

    "These pills changed my life. I have suffered severe anxiety and PTSD for years now and it has made my life a nightmare. I have a prescribed medication and it does help don’t get me wrong but even so I still would get nausea from my anxiety and struggle with negative thoughts especially at night. Since I got these pills, I no longer suffer from nightmares, anxiety nausea, or even much anxiety at all. They have changed my life". - Sam

  • Off all my prescribed medication!

    "I started taking Turmeric caps and Apple cider vinegar caps 4 weeks ago and they are fantastic! I have had gut/stomach problems for years including reflux, gastritis, IBS and a dysfunctional gall bladder. I have now been able ween myself off multiple medications and have been able to live without any nasty side effects". - Sarah

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