Supplements – the when, the how, the why!

Supplements – the when, the how, the why!

Aug 05, 2021Pip Summerville

When’s the best time to take a supplement? When you remember….. We know, we know. There’s only so many reminders our phones can take and somedays we’re lucky to remember matching socks. But does it make a difference when and how we take our supplements? And aren’t our bodies just grateful that we’re nourishing them as best we can? Well, turns out it depends. Some supplements need to be taken with a meal, some vitamins don’t mix and some can be taken whenever you feel like it.

With food – Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamins A, D, E and K work better when taken with food that has some fat in it. The fat activates enzymes and bile that help move fat soluble nutrients out of your digestive system and into your liver to process. They work together and without one or the other the process doesn’t happen and your body won’t absorb as much of those vitamins.

Every day, whenever you want – Omega-3

For all those healthy fatty acids that keep your brain and body functioning, pop an Omega-3 supplement every day, anytime. The results from taking Omega-3 are not instantaneous, you’ll have to wait a while for those miraculous fatty acids anti-inflammatory powers to get to work on your body. But it’ll be worth it.

Breakfast – Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a top-notch energy booster. To avail of it’s feel-good properties take it in the morning with your breakfast, you’ll be zinging all day.

Before Bed - Fibre

Yes. It’s true! A fiber supplement can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients or medications, so it’s best to be taken separately, right before bed with a large glass of water.

Two hours apart – Calcium and Zinc or Iron

Calcium, Zinc and Iron supplements all compete for the same resources in our bodies, so give them some time to absorb before asking them to fight it out in there! Remember your body can only absorb 600mg of calcium at a time so if you’re taking more than that, stagger your intake times.

Some vitamins and minerals work really well together like Vitamin D and magnesium aid calcium absorption. Vitamin C also improves iron absorption….the list goes on.

At Tonik we believe in food first. A good whole food diet really helps keep you healthy. But if you want to cover all bases and not have to overthink your vitamin did I or didn’t I get enough on the daily - take a supplement!

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