A note from Pip: A few tips to help prioritise your wellness

A note from Pip: A few tips to help prioritise your wellness

Jan 31, 2022Pip Summerville


When I first founded Tonik many moons ago, I could never have imagined I’d get so lucky with this amazing community of kind and like-minded health aficionados.

 I want to thank you for enjoying and supporting what Tonik represents.

 I know it’s been a little while since I’ve sent one of these “Pip chats”, – but like for many of you, it’s been a full-on 12 months!

As a mum of 2-under-2 (#praisebe), x running a business, things are pretty non-stop…but I really love what I do (in and outside the biz), and am so often inspired by you and your feedback and positivity of what Tonik has done for you.

With all that said, I hope you are, like me, looking forward to a happy and healthy year ahead, with renewed focus.

I’ve learnt some lessons and had a few big realisations – including the importance of:

  • being vulnerable
  • acknowledging when I need to slow down and rest
  • feeling okay asking for help when needed
  • the value of taking time for self-care

 In the spirit of this, I wanted to share a few of the fave tips that I use, in the hope that might also help you prioritise your wellness and be the best you can be for yourself and those around you:


Are you familiar with the “Urgent-Important” four-quadrant system for time management?

If you’re anything like me, it might feel like almost all things seem “urgent”, but in reality, lots of texts, calls and emails can wait…or a 5 min call/email could replace a 30 min meeting.

It helps to sit down and plan on paper which things are actually urgent, and which can wait. In my instance, the reality is, an email can wait, but a crying baby or screaming toddler often can’t!

Sometimes, it is more important to tend to something else or even recharge and revive your own batteries, and return the call afterwards.


I know drinking water and staying hydrated are a tale as old as time – but for me personally, I really notice the difference if I slack on this.

I also try to prepare my supplements and healthy snacks and meals in advance where possible, so my future self can be like “thanks Pip” when I’m tired or hungry.

When it comes to daily exercise, I have accepted that sometimes the most I can fit in is 20 mins and that’s okay! It still helps me escape for that time and brings renewed focus afterwards.

For me it’s all about listening to my body and not putting too much pressure on myself to do “everything” each day.


Simple is really the key here for me!

If time was no issue, I’d have a long nature walk, massage, or soak in the tub with a hydrating face mask.

Instead, I usually wait for my little ones to go to sleep, find a quiet spot, and sip in the warmth of a cup of yummy herbal tea while starting to slow things down and unwind. YES I may still be doing emails but I am actively choosing to sit still for a few minutes and just be.

It’s a small ritual that makes a world of difference each evening before bed! Find one that works for you, or by all means, try mine!


I hope the above may help you too, even if just a little!

Oh, and please continue to share your testimonials with me – it makes me so happy to know others are experiencing the benefits and effects of taking their Tonik! In fact, it’s why I wake up every day wanting to continue to innovate and expand with the brand.

Wishing you wellness,

Pip / Founder of Tonik.

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