10 ways to remember to take your supplements every day

10 ways to remember to take your supplements every day

The things we worry about are usually about how our phones aren’t the most up to date or that this one follower dared to not to like our latest Instagram post. With all these thoughts crowding our mind, we tend to forget what really matters in life and get off track. Yep, we tend to forget looking after ourselves. So, if you ever need a little reminder to keep on top of your daily dose of Tonik and natural supplements, here you go! 

1. Set a reminder on your phone for the same time every day. Consistency works!

2. Draw a line around your finger so when you see it, you remember. Super old school, but it works!

3. Ask a fellow Tonik'er to remind you every day. It will get very annoying, very quickly. Which is why you’ll remember.

4. Add it into your morning routine. Shower, brush your teeth, supplements. Repeat process...forever!

5. Put the supplements in a place you’ll be forced to see them: on a shelf, hanging in your closet next to the days clothes, or the windscreen of your car.

6. In your shoe. Yes this sounds silly (and maybe a little gross depending on your foot care), but once you can’t get your foot in because of that little bottle, you’ll remember.

7. Post-It notes. Little, yellow, simple. Put a note on your mirror that says “Hey Beautiful, take those supplements!”

8. Place the supplements directly next to your morning coffee cup. You’d never forget your coffee, would you?

9. Supplement bottle tucked in next to you in bed? Sounds silly, but that little bottle all cozied up in your sheets will force you to remember. Just don’t let them oversleep!

10. Tape the bottle on the back of your phone. Extreme? Yes. Sometimes necessary so you don’t forget?

There are 10 simple ways to help you remember. The most important part is taking our natural and organic supplements are part of your daily routine...you know, just like texting, drinking coffee and sleeping!

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