Advanced Gut Health | Bundle

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Why You'll Love It:

The Advanced gut health bundle includes (Tonik No.5 + Tonik No.3+ Tonik No.2)

TONIK NO.5 | Organic Prebiotic Capsules:

- May help promote and improve metabolic health by adjusting how quickly the body can process carbohydrates and changing the rate at which food causes spikes in blood sugar levels*

- May help support immune function by strengthening the gut barrier and keeping harmful substances, viruses, and bad bacteria.*

- May improve bowel function via nourishing the intestinal lining to keep you regular*

- May aid digestion by fermenting foods faster so you won’t feel as bloated & uncomfortable.


 TONIK NO. 3 | Organic Curcumin / Turmeric Capsules:

- May help boost immunity thanks to a compound found in Turmeric with known anti-inflammatory properties*

- May help aid digestion by assisting with gut inflammation and permeability*.


TONIK NO. 2 | Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules:

- May promote the growth of good gut bacteria needed for healthy digestion, reduced bloating, and better brain function*

- May support the body’s production of bile an important digestive fluid that helps to metabolise fast and eliminate waste

Simple, Transparent Ingredients

Clean capsules that actually match the promises. Tonik capsules are made transparent so you always know exactly what you're putting into your body. Because not all ingredients are created equal. Explore our ingredients.

An Advanced Formulation

Smart Design

Liquid-filled, high potency capsules swimming with water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients in their most bioactive and bioavailable form. 

Delayed Release Capsule Design

They’ll break down in your small intestine – not your stomach  – meaning max absorption and zero nausea.

Better Bioavailability

We use cold-compression technology to preserve the active properties and bioavailability of each ingredient.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure
or prevent any disease.

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