Food First. Supplements Second.

Food First. Supplements Second.

Jul 20, 2021Pip Summerville

Supplements are not intended to replace food. Here at Tonik we have a Food First mantra. Your body needs to get its vitamins, minerals and energy from a balanced whole foods-based diet. That’s what makes us feel strong, happy and healthy. Buckets of fresh fruit and veggies have us kicking goals. But often our diets and our best intentions fall short, which is why we need to take supplements to plug that gap. We like to think that it’s not either or, we don’t need to make a choice between food or a supplement - it’s both!

More please…yes please

Let’s be honest here, food is everything. Not only does it bring us so much pleasure, but a balanced diet is loaded with nutrients for good health.

A healthy diet should consist of a mix of non-processed foods with a rich variety of colours and plant-based goodness. This allows our bodies to digest all it needs to be well.

  • Whole foods - Foods that are not processed, contain micronutrients that our bodies need to function.
  • Fiber - We take fiber in from grains, fruits and veggies, and that means that we reduce our risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart attacks.
  • Antioxidants – Which we get in bright coloured fruit and vegetables can prevent or slow down damage to cells caused by free radicals, they keep our immune system active and strong.

Not enough umph in your diet?

While we might try our best to eat well, sometimes we just can’t get everything our bodies need. Supplements work with our diets for good health.

You might need supplements if:

  • Your diet excludes certain foods. Are you getting enough fatty acids? This supports brain health, heart and eye health. If you’re eating a low-fat diet, you could be lacking.
  • Your age, and body stage. If you’re pregnant, or over 50 you will need to boost your body with supplements to stay in optimal health.
  • Your body is deficient in Vitamins, for example more than 50% of Australian women are lacking in Vitamin D over the winter months. It’s too hard to chase the winter sun in the southern states!

Supplements make life easy

Taking a supplement means you’ve all bases covered. You don’t have to overthink your daily nutrition intake. You can rest easy, knowing you’ve met your bodies needs. You can enjoy all the tasty foods you want, and not worry about whether your body is missing out. No FOMO here!


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